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Reflections and Refractions

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I write stuff since I was in high school. I'm trying to revive my journal as well as my love of writing through writing nonfiction and fiction pieces. I love anime, manga, and any good entertainment as long as it doesn't go against my values as a person.

Random things about me:

I'm an ace person. I talk about my experience as an ace person on my Facebook account. I might tell some stories about it someday.

I love to do volunteer work as well as work as a freelance writer. I am still hoping for better income opportunities, but hopefully, I earn a good amount of money with my writing someday. Crossing my fingers. right now, I am trying my best to do things as fast as I could and improving my skills in writing. I also hope to learn more about other professions in case writing didn't work out for me as a profession.

I am working towards better health. I have a weak body. I lack exercise as well. I'm trying to earn money so that I could stop hustling and actually earn a comfortable wage. I dream of being moderately busy but earn enough for my sustenance.

Right now, I'm just an average person who writes whatever comes to her mind.

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