It's Only 2020. It Feels Like Ages Ago

It's been a while since I last posted in this journal. So much had happened for the past few days. So much happened from January to February, and March is just around the corner, waving at us. What can we look forward to? 

2020 is such a scary ride, isn't it? From the World War 3 scare to Australian bushfire to Canadian frost, and now, Corona Virus. And that is just for global news. In the local scene, things are crazier than that. Just last month the mount Taal erupted, causing disruption to the nearby neighborhood where the volcano was situated. And Mayon Volcano is feared to be erupting anytime soon. And while we are at it, apparently the equipment used by the Philvocs to determine the volcanic activity of Mount Mayon was stolen by unknown robbers. Just Great, way to go 2020.  

It's only January and yet everyone experienced a really bumpy ride. February is the continuation of the January catastrophe and I feel like I no longer wanted to know what March has in store for humanity. 

Personal life-wise, my life is a constant roller coaster of events. I had no job since January but I am looking diligently. I received 100 rejection letters as of date. Yes, I am proud of my rejection letters because it means that I am applying for a job but just unfortunate with my search.  Well, this February is kinder towards me because I now received a job interview as a language school English tutor for those taking English as Second Language and I'm having a one-week training as a part-time English Tutor online. And I got a job offer as a contributing writer from a respectable newspaper company. 

Right now, I am nervous. I feel scared. Yet there's a saying that you are not moving forward with your life if you are not doing something that scares you. This freelance writer job scares me. I try to calm my nerves down by reviewing my old journalism handbook which I had since 2013. I feel like a new person, now that I'm given a chance to prove my worth as a writer. 

To be honest, I do not know how a journalist work. And right now, I'm in training for an online tutor as I'm typing like crazy on my computer. I do not know how to prepare for another milestone in my life. Yet this is the life I once hoped and dreamed since I was young. I feel like if I let this opportunity go, I'd die of regret. If I let fear take over my body, I'd cry and feel even more depressed. 

In a larger world, however, things are really bad. The world is burning. The Polar Ice Caps is thinning at dangerous levels, the Corona Virus is getting strong here in Asia, and healthcare is politicized in this part of the world. I feel like crying with all these developing stories. 

Lesser people go to the malls lately. I just noticed that fewer people are going inside malls after school or office hours. More people are wearing face masks due to fear of the virus.  There is an apparent lack of supply of face masks and alcohol in most groceries and drugstores. Online stores are running out of supplies as well. The virus really reminds us that rich or poor, everyone can be affected by the virus, and no race or nationality are spared. The interconnectedness of our lives as people serves as a reminder for us to think as global citizens of the world.


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